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3 Minute Happy Eating Revolution Microcourse

Starting Monday 11th October

Revolutionise how you think about food, and how you eat, in just 3 minutes a day.

The Happy Eating Revolution leads to incredible change, making it easy to eat more nourishing food that makes you feel amazing! My 5 day course will start to re-train your brain and re-set your eating habits with transformative daily actions.

Start now for only £3

Start the 3 Minute Happy Eating Revolution Microcourse

What is it?

I’ve included what I’ve seen to be the biggest factors for success from 20 years of helping people with their nutrition and health goals.

No overwhelm. I want this course to support you, to help you to look after you. So it’s value packed with more content in less time. I’ve designed it to be quick and effective. Dedicate just 3 minutes a day to our micro course and see the beginnings of something wonderful*

Starting Monday 11th October to Friday 15th October. Complete the course at a time that suits you each day. Join me to start your revolution!

Who is it for?

I’ve created this course for women who:

  • Would like to change how they eat for good
  • Would like to use the power of food to have more energy, feel calmer, happier, balance hormones, sleep better and control body weight
  • Would like to eat better and give their bodies the food it needs to look after it well
  • Want to enjoy their meals without thinking about points or numbers
  • Would like to learn more about food mood connections and discover which foods help you and why
  • Are ready to do something different to get different results
  • Want to have a positive relationship with food and feel good about themselves

Why is it only £3?

There is a lot of free content available online. It’s easy to sign up to a free course and not worry if you miss bits, not be too concerned if it works or not. Making the commitment of paying make this course different from the beginning.

Not everyone will choose to pay £3 to join the course. That one small barrier will stop those who aren’t serious. That means if you decide to join you’re already one step ahead, you really want to do this so you’ll get more from it.

I want to help women who are ready to start their personal revolution with food. £3 is saying, ‘Yes, I’m ready!’

How does it work?

When you click ‘Join now’ you’ll be asked for your contact details, so I can send you course information, and your payment information so your £3 commitment can be made. This information remains secure and confidential. No further payments will be taken.

You’ll then receive a welcome email securing your place on The Happy Eating Revolution Course! Then, before the course starts you will receive full instructions to help you get the most from the course including:

Joining instructions for our ‘Starting Your Revolution Introductory Session’ This will be a live session with me to welcome you to the course and give you nutrition insights and psychological tips to get your week off to a flying start. We’ll talk through what to do in your 3 minutes each day and launch your transformation with the first daily action.

This introductory session will be run on Sunday 10th October at 8pm (20 minutes plus Q & A) so you can be ready to start on the 11th. The session will be recorded and sent to you so you can join me live or catch up when it suits you.

Your Happy Eating Revolution Guide Designed to accelerate your transformation with food. You’ll use this guide throughout the week for your daily challenges.

During the Course

When the course starts you’ll receive an email from me each morning with all the information you need to complete your daily challenge. I’II be available every day during the course to answer questions, give ideas and celebrate your successes with you.

We’ll finish the week with our live Celebration Session – summing up the week and highlighting the amazing achievements you’ve made during the week. This will be on Friday 15th October at 7.30pm* so you can bring your celebration drink along with you! *Recorded so you can catch up later if needed.

What you can expect

At the end of this course you will have made massive steps to begin your Happy Eating journey, transforming how you feel about food. You can look forward to this…

  • You love what you’re eating
  • Your meals and snacks make you feel happy and energised
  • You feel excited about your next meal or snack
  • You feel in control of your food choices
  • You feel like anything is possible. You can absolutely keep eating food which helps you feel healthier, lose weight, manage your hormones, feel calmer
  • You feel like there’s so much delicious food you can eat

Food makes you happy! Start your revolution…

“I’ve been on a diet since I was 15 which basically means I’ve been hungry for about 25 years! Thanks to Rebecca I now have a more healthy relationship with food, I feel confident when choosing food and I’ve lost weight and maintained it and I finally feel happy in my own skin.” – Lorna Northam

Join the 3 Minute Happy Eating Revolution now!

Starting Monday 11th October to Friday 15th October. Complete the course at a time that suits you each day. Join me to start your revolution!