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If you get fed up of eating the same meals or want help changing your eating habits join our Happy Eating Club...

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Introducing the Happy Eating Club

"It’s about having a healthy & balanced approach to food, & learning for life!" Zoe, Happy Eating Club Member

Available through your phone, tablet & computer, join now & in your Members’ area you’ll get:

  • Expert-approved do-able recipes

    Expert-approved recipes

    A recipe library full of nourishing & delicious everyday food ideas designed by a nutrition expert

  • Weekly nutrition email. All the best links, ideas, and help

    A weekly nutrition & wellbeing email update

    Full of nourishing & delicious meal ideas, recipes & the latest nutrition insights.

  • Exclusive membership to my Facebook group

    Exclusive membership to my Facebook group

    Pick my brain, get practical support, share food ideas, & on-going support.

  • Learn with my weekly nutrition videos

    Learn with my weekly nutrition videos

    A new training video every week on a different nutrition hot-topic & access to the archive.

  • 50% discount off Happy Eating Club Live events

    25% discount off our Happy Eating Weekly group

    Your chance to drop-in and get help to reach your food goals.

  • Available with a low monthly subscription

    All of this available with a low monthly subscription

    Affordable & great value, without the stress of worrying about what to eat & why!

Our members joined because they were...

  • Constantly thinking about what to make for dinner tonight.
  • Fed up of eating the same things.
  • Wanted to make their/their children's lunch boxes more interesting.
  • Not sure if they are eating the right things for them.
  • Eating to change how they eat to improve their health / have more energy / take control of their weight / improve their fitness.
  • Confused about different nutrition information they've read.
  • In need of a little kick to remind them to eat better.

Join the Happy Eating Club to feel in control of food and have nutrition support and easy, nourishing food ideas on hand.

Inspiration & support at your fingertips

"Eating has become a pleasure again. I have more energy & have lost a stone in 6 weeks!" Happy Eating Club Member

Dr Rebecca Hiscutt (PhD)

Your nutrition expert

The Happy Eating Club is designed for you by a food expert with over 20 years experience.

I’m Dr Rebecca Hiscutt (PhD), a nutrition consultant, food expert and Founder of the Happy Eating Club.

I have spent my whole career helping and supporting people to make dietary changes which have a big impact on their lives and I can help you too.

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Simple, clear pricing

Two ways to pay, the same benefits. Cancel anytime.

The Happy Eating Club is just £12 a month. You can join for as long as you want with no notice required. You’ll be in control of your membership and can stop this at anytime without explanation. I look forward to welcoming you as one of our very special Happy Eating members.

Monthly subscription

Just £12/month and get all of the incredible benefits with an easy month-to-month subscription.

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Pay just £12 each month in advance, with no contract.


Yearly subscription

Save with the yearly subscription. Pay the equivalent of just £8/month for the whole year with all of the benefits.

Join (£96 a year)

£96 paid yearly in advance, equivalent to just £8 a month.

Information about the club subscription

The Happy Eating Club is made for you.

  • The Happy Eating Club offers either a monthly (£12/mo) or yearly (£96/y) renewable rolling subscription during which you will receive the information, advice, and benefits outlined above.
  • Payment will be collected from the card provided at the start of the subscription and then on the anniversary (monthly or yearly) of the payment date.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time by sending an email with your name and email address to Your cancellation will take effect at the end of your current subscription period.
  • For more information email me at or see our full terms and conditions.

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