About the Happy Eating Club

Surround yourself in a community full of positive food talk where you’ll see delicious, nourishing food ideas and learn more about your food, mood connections.

Our thoughts and choices about food and wellbeing are influenced by the people around us. Often we want to eat healthier but things such as time, headspace, family likes and stress get in the way.

The Happy Eating Club will make it easy for you to eat great food and I’II help you find ways to nourish you, whatever is going on in your life.

Here are some of the common questions asked about The Happy Eating so you can find out more. But feel free to contact me at hello@happyeatingclub.com and if you’d like me to talk to me to see if I’m the right person to help you just let me know and I’II give you a call.

Rebecca. x


What is The Happy Eating Club?

It’s a super positive community of wonderful women who know how important it is to look after themselves and want a little help and support to do that.

I want to make it as easy as possible for women to eat great food which supports them and provides the ingredients they need to feel as good as possible.

BUT…always really tasty food that makes us feel excited to eat and leaves us feeling full and satisfied.

The Happy Eating Club provides meal ideas, recipes, nutrition and food tips. It also helps members change how they think about food and learn more about their food habits and behaviours so they can make long term changes.

Who is it for?

Women who are fed up of going from one diet to another, of feeling like out of control in their food choices and feel deprived and guilty about food a lot of the time.

The Happy Eating Club will suit you if you’re ready to do something different, to give your body what it needs and you’d like to make sustainable changes you can maintain.

This is not for people who want to do something radical and see fast results. This is for people who want to transform how they think and feel about food for good and are ready to make small tweaks which have a powerful impact on how they feel.

What will I get?

All members get access to our Happy Eating membership area so they can access the 200+ Happy Eating recipes any time. All our nutrition training videos are here too so you can discover more about the nutrition topics most relevant to you anytime. We have short videos on sleep, mood, family food, sports nutrition, health boost and weight control.

You’ll also be able to join our private community group exclusively for members where I share tips, food ideas and motivational posts to give little nudges to help you eat well. You can ask questions and share successes here with other members if you like.

Every week you’ll receive a nutrition update via email which includes a new nutrition training video and a new recipe and meal plan so you can keep learning more about food and you.

There are 3 different memberships so you can choose how much support you would like to change your eating habits. If you would like support and accountability to help you change your eating habits you can choose our Support+ or Coaching+ membership.

5-star Google review (2021)

What will I eat?

Anything! I’ll help you develop an abundant food mindset so it feels like food is not restricted and you can enjoy all the foods you love. This takes the stress and deprivation away and makes it easier to make food choices which nourish you.

Happy Eating is about making use of nutrient rich foods which give your mind and body the ingredients it needs and help us feel full and satisfied. This means there is a plant slant nd I encourage members to use plenty of gorgeous fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, nuts and seeds and grains as these foods are so rich in plant chemicals that protect and fuel us. Lots of our recipes and food ideas are vegetarian or vegan but we also have dishes using dairy, eggs, meat and fish. Members choose to eat the way which suits them and I support them to eat plenty of real, unprocessed food.

I’II encourage you to eat the foods you like the most and make tweaks where they’ll make a big difference so you don’t have to suddenly change everything or eat things you don’t enjoy.

You will be able to enjoy a takeaway, your family favourite recipes, a bar of chocolate and order a dessert and enjoy every mouthful!

Is it a diet?

No, it’s the opposite of a diet. If you want to lose weight then Happy Eating can help you to achieve this and has helped many members to get to their happy weight and stay there.
But it’s not a diet with the only focus being how much weight you lose each week.

I help members leave behind a diet mindset which makes you think about food all the time, feel like food is restricted and think of food in terms of points or calories. Food is about nourishment and joy. When we think of it like this and cherish ourselves so we feel good our body gets to our happy weight naturally.

This quote from one of our current members, Debbie illustrates this…

“Eating has become a pleasure again, I have more energy and have lost a stone in 6 weeks, it’s great to feel confident about what to eat, how much and when; my asthma has improved and no more constant indigestion and dry skin patches.” Debbie has lost weight but benefitted in so many other ways too.

What happens when I join?

You can decide which membership levels will suit you best and join online for instant access. You’ll be sent details to log into the membership area and join the community group straight away.

In addition, if you join the Support+ or Coaching+ groups I’II be in touch within 24hours to let you know how to access your additional support and get you set up.

I want all my members to get the most from their membership so I offer everyone a FREE welcome call to say hello, begin to get to know you and gives you some ideas to get you started. I will be in touch will you personally to arrange this.

What might I eat in a typical Happy Eating Day?

You might start the day with our Roasted Vegetable and Black Bean Tortilla or a bowl of porridge with cherries and almonds. We’ll talk through ideas for weekdays and weekends and make use of your favourite dishes.

Some members cook a lot and some less. Here are some examples a happy eating day of food…

Dr Rebecca Hiscutt (PhD)