What is Happy Eating?

Happy Eating is my approach to nutrition, it’s about loving good food and also using it to get the most out of every day and relish life. Food should be enjoyed and food should nourish.

It’s a happier way to eat because you can have a good relationship with food without restriction or deprivation. I believe food should be food, beautiful delicious things to eat, not reduced to numbers or points.

Eating in this way helps you to:

  • Have plenty of energy
  • Have a stronger immune system
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Sleep well
  • Improve your mood and concentration
  • Have greater resilience to illness and stress
  • Reduce hunger and cravings
  • Manage your weight long term
  • Improve your long term health

Happy Eating = Happy You

What would a Happy Eating Diet look like?

Happy Eating is based on these principles:

  • Eat as much real food and as little processed food as possible (more nutrients, more plant compounds, more fibre, less added/artifical ingredients, more control over where food has come from/what processing it has undergone).
  • Base meals and snacks around fruit and vegetables (aim for 10 portions a day)
    Aim for a ‘plant-focused’ diet – you may choose to include meat, fish or dairy foods but make plant based foods the majority of what you eat.
  • You’ll find recipes to suit you whether your vegetarian, vegan, pestarian or if you eat everything. Eating plenty of plant based foods means you’ll benefit from the varied health promoting nutrients and compounds they contain such as polyphenols which can reduce the risk of disease, help maintain brain health, help you control your weight and reduce inflammation.
  • Focusing on plant based foods such as fruit and vegetables, beans and pulses, nuts and seeds and wholegrains also means you’ll be eating lots of natural foods and eating less sugar, salt, processed foods and additives.
  • Have as much variety as possible over the week. Begin to adjust your palate and get used to naturally sweet foods – Happy Eating recipes use fresh and dried fruit to sweeten recipes (bananas, dates, apples and raising are often used) as well spices and vanilla and the smallest amounts needed of the most natural sweeteners – date syrup, maple syrup, honey and sugar.

Can you give me some tips to start eating better?

  • Be kind to yourself, this doesn’t need to be a major overhaul all at once. When we try and do too much too soon it can be really hard to stick to.
  • Focus on the positives – what foods can you add in and eat more of? What nourishing foods can you buy when you’re out, how many delicious meals are there on the menu which would make you feel good? If there aren’t many how could you put one together with sides and starters?
  • Start with one meal at a time – this week focus on breakfast -get that right and the rest of the day will be so much easier.
  • Give yourself the gift of 15-30 minutes every single week to plan meals for the following week and write a shopping list.
  • Keep back up snacks on hand-in your car/bag/desk so you don’t have to eat whatever is available. Keep a bag of nuts or some dried fruit on hand so if you get hungry you can stay in control and choose what to eat.

How can I get more advice and support?

The Happy Eating Membership Club is perfect to help keep eating well and cherishing you front of mind, so when life is busy you remember how much nutrition can help you to keep feeling well and good. It’s designed for all of us to need a little inspiration, some ideas to make it easier to eat well, who have an interest in nutrition and wellbeing and would like to learn a bit more.

You can use the Happy Eating Club to make changes and reach your own personal goals. Sometimes we need a little more support and someone on-hand to help us to our goals.

If you would like personalised advice and support please get in touch and I can let you know the different options available to you. Contact me at hello@happyeatingclub.com.