Happy Eating Day, your way

What we eat can impact our immune system, it can up or downplay inflammation in the body and determine our mood and energy levels. Our diet matters, but so does eating the food that we love most, as well as feeling relaxed and happy about food.

So we focus on a positive approach. On ‘adding in’ more Happy Foods. Adding in a little more Happy Food will always help support and soothe your body.

Our ‘Happy Eating Day Your Way’ download

Try one of our Happy Eating Recipes or add in some ‘Happy Foods’ to your current diet. We’ve made some of our Happy Eating recipes available for you here…

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Happy Eating recipes

All designed to be delicious and to use their nutrition power to support your mind and body!

For example our first recipe, Roasted Vegetable & Black Bean Tortilla, has been created to make breakfast something you’ll really want to eat! The combination of lots of fibre and protein will help give you sustained energy.

It utilises a fabulous phenomenon, the ‘second meal effect’ where beans can help control blood sugar levels hours later and even the next day! This helps keep you healthy but it’s also useful for keeping your mood on an even keel and helping to minimise food cravings. It’s also jam packed with the phytochemicals and nutrients which help support your immune system.

Give this one a try. You’ll love every mouthful and set yourself up for a brilliant day…

Start making a change today

Do not underestimate the impact of adding in just a little more Happy Food. Having a piece of fruit before lunch every day or having beans a few times a week. Studies have shown these small habits really can led to visible and health promoting changes. It’s the small habits which have led to Happy Eating Club members feeling remarkably different.

I’d love to hear what little additions you decide to make or if you try any of our recipes – please email me to let me know at hello@happyeatingclub.co.uk or share photos with us on our facebook page – @HappyEatingClub

You can find out more about our wonderful Happy Eating Club community here:

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